Friday, December 5, 2008

Wedensday (before Thanksgiving)

Tuesday night, we drove to Coshocton and spent the night at Nanny & Pappy D's. (Josh's parents) On Wednesday, the kids played outside. Uncle Bubba gave Petey one of his old football jerseys and he let him wear his old high school helmet. Tatum liked to play the piano too.



Josh showing Petey how to throw.

Ollie throwing leaves.

Uncle Bubba and Petey playing football.


Wednesday night, Josh's friend Mark stopped by with his two boys, Dominique and Trip. The kids had a blast playing together. They were running all over Josh's parents house.

Tatum showing Trip a pig.

Dominique and trip.

more to come later.


Wendy said...

Very cute. Looks like everyone had lots of fun! I am just jealous you had Wednesday off. I could have got a lot done that day!

Thanks for the comment. I looked at Mike and we both just started laughing.

Hopefully we will see you a few days before Christmas!

The Patterson's said...

omg!!! Trip looks just like his dad! lol poor kid =)