Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playtime in the sink!

Ollie loves the kitchen sink! He wants to play in it all day long. He sneaks out to the kitchen and puts a stool in front of the sink. He turns the water on and plays in the water! If there is dishes in the sink, he takes turns dumping water back and forth into them. If not, he finds toys and tries the same thing. After he gets in trouble and is told to get down, as soon as he thinks that you have walked away, he tries to jump right back up there again!

Clothes optional!

Ollie never wants to leave his clothes on anymore! I dress him in the morning and an hour or two later, his shirt will be off. In fact, I think that a pair of jeans and no shirt is his favorite way to be. He has been known to take his pants off too...and sometimes yes sometimes he runs around the house with nothing on at all! He also wants to take a bath two to three times a day. He tries to sneak upstairs and climb in the bathtub and play. However his oldest brother has taught him how to turn on the water! So now I have to be even more aware of him sneaking off to the tub. Now, you would think that that is why he takes his clothes off, but really he just likes to hang out and play trains with no shirt on!

Tatum also likes to take her clothes off! She likes to take her pants and her diaper off. She laughs and thinks that this is really funny! If I don't get her pants on quick enough after I change her diaper, she has it off and I have to put it on again. Last night she made a real mess in her bed, because she took her diaper off.....then went to the "potty". Needless to say, Tatum got another night night bath and I had another load of laundry to do!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Politics for Mom's

I found a great blog site today called Politics for Mom's. It seems to be non bias and full of information. I suggest that everyone check it out!


I enjoy looking at everyone else's Blog sites! I can sit at the computer for an hour looking at blogs about people I don't even know, have never met, or will ever meet. Do you know what the real fun of it is? It is learning that there are other people that have the same thoughts and feeling as you do. They also do the same things that you do daily. Of coarse the creative side of me enjoys looking at all the different backgrounds and pictures!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

update on Van

Van loves school and hates vacation days because he can't go (unlike Petey). At the beginning of the year, Van's teacher said that by the end of the year the kids will be reading. I could hardly believe that because Van just knew his ABC's, but sure enough Van already knows probably 20 words, if not more and he is always asking me what words start with and I tell him to sound it out.....and he always gets it right. Van likes transformers like Petey, but he is still really into animals and dinosaurs.

update on Petey

Petey enjoys school, after he is there. If he has a choice , he would stay home. His teachers are always giving him hugs and he always gives a "if I have to look". His teacher is always bragging to me how smart he is, he already knows all of his ABC's and 123's and his colors and shapes. The big thing Petey is into right now is Transformers.

update on Ollie

Ollie just got a hair cut. He still has enough curls for his big brother Van to call him Curly Joe! He has stopped watching trains all the time and now his big thing is WOW WOW WUBBZY! He also is back into Diego again, he took a break for a while. Ollie and Petey still don't get along very well, but the other day I caught them laying on the floor watching Wubbzy, and the legs were laying across one another. I can't believe that Ollie will be in preschool next fall.

Update on Tatum

Tatum is a year and a half now. She still isn't walking, but she is just being stubborn. She is able to stand on her own and even bend over and pick things up without holding on to anything! Her favorite thing is to play with her big brothers. She also loves to eat and she'll try just about anything! I think she is the most rotten of all my children and she is always picking on her brothers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spaghetti Night

The other night I made spaghetti for dinner. Everyone loves spaghetti night, but Tatum is it's biggest fan!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Brown Bunny

Sadly, last week we lost a member of our pet family. Baby Brown Bunny. Van and Petey were a little upset, I was too. We will miss you!