Monday, August 31, 2009

while big brothers are away (at school).....

.....Tatum and Ollie will play!

Here are some pictures I took of Tatum and Ollie last week while Van and Petey were at school.

( and I was busted out...... Petey caught me editing pictures and said "Mommy I don't remember this?")

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pictures from the playground Wednesday.......

Fall clothes.....

I srsly LOVE this hat!

My favorite time of year is Fall!
I Love Fall clothes!
I was looking on Chadwick's site today and found some Fall must haves!
Check them out.....

Love these tights!

srsly, srsly LOVE these shoes!

Newsboy hat


Love this jacket, front and back!

This is the white shirt she is wearing in the picture above with the jacket

and the jeans!

have you see any fall must haves yet?

headed to the park......

Tuesday we walked down to the park with Grandpa Ron while the older boys were at school
( The park is about a 10 min. walk from our house.)

There is a creek there that Ollie loves to throw rocks into.

Plus, it is just really pretty there. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Liam & Emily

Josh's sister Jodi lives in Indiana.
We don't get to see her and my niece and nephew that often.
Therefore my sister in law sends lots of pictures of Liam and Emily over the phone.
I got these photo's via her myspace page.....but she did send these to my phone Sunday.
here is Liam and Emily at the park.....



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

signs that fall is on it's way........

Leaves are changing color!

and falling to the ground!

my Dad holding a locus shell......with out it's legs.
( they must have stayed on the tree)

I think Dad said that means we will have our first frost in 6 weeks!?!?

What's that growing in your flower garden???

That's right PUMPKINS!!!!
( 2 of them)

Last year. we threw the kids' rotted pumpkins out in the flower garden.
This year, we've got pumpkins!

Isn't life amazing?