Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Its a beautiful day for a picnic.

To lay back and relax, enjoy the warm sun on your face and to read a book or two.
This is what I would wear to a picnic.


wiww by bethcp14 featuring print shirts

How about you? What is your favorite picnic wear?

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Vera Bradley also has some fun new picnic items too.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Van and Petey were in the Memorial Day parade this morning with the cub scouts.
It was hot!
Van carried the cub scouts flag.

Petey passed out flags.

Ollie with his flag.

Tatum with her flag.

The kids had fun, but were ready to get home and out of the heat.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

garage sale find

I found this blanket at a garage sale for $2.00
I love it. The colors are so pretty.

It has become the family favorite blanket too.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ollie's play

We went to Ollie's end of the year play this morning.
Ollie was in the play Are You My Mother and he played a boat.
Here he is with his teacher.

and keeping it real, here he is yawning

here he is saying his line.
"I am not your mother. I am a boat. toot toot!" 
yes he said "toot toot" and it was cute!
here is daddy and Ollie with his boat.

Petey's sculpture

Yesterday Petey came home with this sculpture that he made in art class.
It is a football player throwing the ball.
So cute.
Petey loves it and I do too.
So proud of you Petey!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

getting real

Let's get real for a minute, I HATE pictures of myself.
It's true. 
I never like the way I look.
In my mind and in the mirror I think I look one way, then I see myself in a picture and I look another.
I hate it. I am just one of those people that do not look good in pictures. 
It is not just weight either ,( I typically think that I look like I did before I had my first child.)
It is also my hair or makeup, or a combination of the two.
I style my hair in the mirror and I love it. Then I see a picture of it and it doesn't look like the same hair.
This is my current facebook picture:
( I do like my hair in this one)
I probably took at least five if not ten pictures just to get a picture I like.
Am I crazy? yes probably.

I didn't even want to post the pictures of me in my last post, but I did.

here are a couple more pictures, more facebook profile pictures so you know that I think these are the best ones.

I am always making funny expressions or have one eye squinted too.

here I am with bangs, glad I grew those out.

here I am with Petey.

Do you like pictures of yourself, or am I the only crazy one out there?

Tatum's graduation

Tatum graduated from pre- school last night.
They wore caps and gowns and the whole works.

not sure how I feel about the whole caps and gowns especially when the principal introduced the class of 2025!
Where has the time gone?
 Tatum is sad that school is over for the year. 
Don't worry, she'll get over that.
here she is with her Daddy.
( yes, she was thrilled to have her picture taken.)

 Tatum and I, not sure what I am looking at.

can't stop watching it!

seriously, I cannot stop watching this trailer, I can't wait!

"I'm certainly glad to see you, as well" 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello, I can't believe that it is Wednesday already!!!
We are headed back to Myrtle Beach this summer in South Carolina for vacation.
I have been thinking about what will I wear.
Here are some things that I am loving right now.

I love these scalloped shorts, so ridiculously cute!
and nautical,anything nautical. I love it!

wiww by bethcp14 featuring flat shoes

What are your summer favorites?
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Friday, May 18, 2012

I haven't posted the last couple of weeks of flag football pictures, so I picked a few of my favorites to share.

Petey has really enjoyed playing flag football and only has two games left.
Go Petey.

Dairy Queen

Thursday I walked to Dairy Queen with Tatum and her class.

Tatum and her friend Morgan.

leaving school

blooming roses

My roses are blooming.
There are more roses this year then there has been the previous four years.
They are so beautiful.

oh, I have been editing my pictures at PicMonkey