Thursday, April 30, 2009

the Holiday

Josh found this movie on in demand Saturday night and I stayed up till 3:00am to watch it. I have watched it two more times since. I love this movie!!!!Josh took me to see this movie in the theatre when we were back home for Christmas the year it came out. I had to share because this movie makes me smile.....A LOT :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


After we left the school playground Saturday, we went to Menards. Menards has a playground set up inside. The kids played here for around an hour and it gave them a break from the sun.
** pictures courtesy of Grandpa Ron**

Oh and to answer your question, Ollie does at least try to take his shoes off EVERYWHERE we go!

After we left here, we had some ice cream to end our day! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

next, the playground!

I like this picture of Ollie & Petey.

After lunch, and said goodbye to Nanny & Papaw, we went to the school playground with Grandpa Ron!

"I'm on Top of the World looking down on creation"..........

Where are the places you have
lived Petey?

(areas marked with three stars)

Ollie LOVES the slides!

Tatum too!

Van going down the big slide.

Big brother, little to make some trouble.

Trying to get a group picture.

Not going to work today :(

More to come later!
Here is a hint to where we went next......

( Wendy, Mike might know, I think it's his favorite place!)

Petey's first T ball game....

Petey's first T ball game today!!! before we left the house

Petey and Daddy :)

Tatum and Daddy :)
Tatum's wearing a Northridge baseball cap...
Daddy has a double header today too!

Petey the catcher!

Tatum watching Petey catch.

Petey catching.

Petey waiting to bat.

Petey up to bat.

Here's the hit!
Thank you Grandpa Ron :)

Tipp City mascot.
walking around Petey's game

Petey playing third base.

Petey at bat again.

Good Game Petey! :)

Nanny & Papaw came from Coshocton to see Petey's game too!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank You, Thank You

I just received this friendship award from Beth @ be careful what you wish for.
Now I think I am supposed to give it to five people. So I will give it to five new friends or followers.
1. ( I am giving it back to you) Beth @ be careful what you wish for.
2.Heather @ sugar 'n spice & mostly nice
3. Chrissy @ The perfect Palette
4.Emily @ Jaybird and Me
5.L8on@talking then design


Thursday, April 23, 2009

T ball time....

Petey's first T ball game is Saturday. He got his shirt and hat this week. So, we took him to Dick's and bought him some pants and socks........a bag, and batting gloves.......

Inspiration from Stephanie.

A while back I saw a post from Stephanie called "Pretty things made by Stephanie". In her post, she made a bow holder for her daughter. I thought it was really cute. So last week I bought stuff to make Tatum a bow holder too, for her ever growing collection of bows.

Tatum picked out the ribbon to clip the bows on.

I also painted some hooks to hang her bags or purses on. She has so many, I should have made two or three! :)

What did you do..........

with your left over Easter eggs?

I made deviled eggs. My mother in law showed me how to make them on Easter. Yummy!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The GREAT Big Easter post!

(I know this post is over due) For Easter weekend, we went to our hometown to see family & friends. We brought our furry dogs with us. YES, all six of us & our two furry dogs were in Eddie Expedition!
This is Sherman.

This is Chloe.

Van, Petey, Ollie & I colored Easter eggs on Saturday & baked sugar cookies.

Petey liked the orange color.

Ollie liked the green color. Van made the blue eggs and I made the pink eggs.

Petey putting cookies on the cookie sheet.

Petey mixing icing for Ollie.

Van and his blue icing.

Ollie wanting to play.

We choose the same colors for icing that we did the eggs dye.

finished cookies.

pretty Easter colors.

The baskets from the Easter bunny.

Tatum's basket.

Ollie's basket.

Petey's basket.

Van's basket.

baskets from Nanny & Papaw.

Easter bunny hiding eggs.

Easter morning!
(I don't know, but I love this picture of Ollie!)

Tatum found an egg.

Tatum looking at her big bunny.

Ollie looking at his stuff.

Vanny looking at his stuff, but I had to crop the picture here!

Petey looking at his stuff.

Tatum in her Easter dress.

She likes to wear dresses!

We had Easter dinner, hung out with Grandma & Grandpa Darr, then drove back home.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. :)