Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Baking

Yesterday, the boys and I, did some baking. We made Potato Frittata. I got this recipe from Parenting Magazine. We like to eat this for breakfast here.

here is the recipe:
2 1/2 cups frozen shredded hash brown potatoes

Sunday, March 30, 2008

updates & a couple of pictures

Well, Spring break is coming to an end. Josh, Van and Petey go back to school tomorrow. Van and Petey are excited about that! I think we had a nice week together. I do have a couple of pics from the last couple of days. Van watching Walking with Dinosaurs, Ollie sleeping to the same thing. Petey with his new hair cut from Daddy and Tatum happy that she is eating spaghetti. I haven't been on here much, and I probably won't be on much the next couple of weeks. There are some big things happening in the Patterson household....more on that later. What I am doing is starting on clearing out my clutter! I have picked up an old book once again and it has charged me in a big way. So wish me luck in my clearing all my Clutter away!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Van's Camera

Van loves his camera that he got for his birthday last year. He walks around taking pictures of things like mommy does. Here he is taking a picture of me talking a picture of him!


Happy Easter


The Easter bunny came last night and his Easter eggs for the kids this morning. Unfortunately the kids got up and went down stairs to see if the Easter Bunny came and didn't wake Mommy and Daddy up! So there are no pictures of them finding eggs or their baskets. Petey did come up stairs to wake me up to show me what he got :)

Van's Birthday Party

Saturday we
had a party for Van. Nanny and Papaw came up from Coshocton. Van said his wish came true he got the present he wanted.....Indiana Jones Lego's. I have a picture here of Josh putting them together. Vanny had transformers on his cake.Van had a good birthday.

Van's Cake

Friday afternoon I made Van a Birthday cake. He helped me make the blue icing and put the sprinkles on top.

Toy Room

Thursday afternoon, Petey asked me to put a movie in for him in the toy room. I walked upstairs and this is how I found the toy room......I couldn't even get into the room. So, Petey didn't get to watch his movie....instead he got to clean. Here are the before and afters.

Friday, March 21, 2008

7 years ago today......

Today is Vans birthday. He is seven years old. I was working on this day and when I got off of work I had a doctors apt. I still had another week until I was due. When I was on the table, Josh asked my Doctor if the Baby was coming today? The doctor looked at him and said....."no , it should be another week yet." Then we heard a POP and the doctor broke my water so he looks at us and says...."how fast can you guys make it to the hospital?" To make a long story short, at 10:28pm on Wednesday March 21, 2001 my first son was born!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

I am also happy that spring break is here(Christy is pretty excited!) Josh and the boys have 10 days off. Van is kind of bummed, he says he'll miss his friends and teacher. He didn't like Christmas break at first either......but at the end he didn't want to go to school (only for about a day). I remember I used to like school as much as Van does. In case you were wondering.......Josh is happy for the time off!

YEAH! The SUN is back!

I have been in such a wonderful mood today :)


Monday, March 17, 2008

Mommy put the hat on too!

Petey's Hat!

Petey found a St Patrick's day hat up in the hall closet and put it on.....isn't he cute?

Ollie after his bath

Saturday night after Ollie took his bath, he ran around the house very hyper and happy. I had to take a couple of pictures!

Tatum helping mommy

Saturday while mommy was in the kitchen making dinner, Tatum somehow managed to get the dishwasher door open. She climbed up on top of it and started to take the dishes out of it. So I went over to help her. She hands me the dishes and I put them away. I hope she is this helpful when she gets older too! (oh I had to take a couple of pictures first)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

st patricks

Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Birthday

Josh brought home a carrot cake for me for my birthday and I picked Chinese food for my dinner. Tatum got to have the first piece of cake because she climbed up to the counter to get into it. Petey and Vanny also wanted a piece. Josh and I decided that we would wait till after I got Tatum in bed, to have a piece. While I was upstairs with Tatum, Ollie brought the cake into Josh because he wanted a piece too. Well HE DROPPED IT!The cake was on the floor, but Ollie got a piece of cake first. So just Josh and I didn't get to have a piece of cake, but I'll always remember my 33rd birthday and my cake on the floor:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Early Birthday suprise....

My birthday isn't until Friday, but Josh showed up yesterday with a little present for me. I love this sign. I think that it looks good on the mantle too.

Miss Tatum Tallulah