Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Oh my, has it really been a week since I posted anything?
Where has the time gone?
Well, I have been to court (a story I'll have to share), I have been to class, watched Petey's football game, and I have hit a bunch of garage sales( found some great things!)

I have had an extremely stressful morning and I am off to ride my bike, but first I wanted to show you these.
 Has anyone seen the new Avengers movie yet? I haven't but I can't wait.
My oldest son Van doesn't think it looks very good, but he is hard to please, and he thinks Transformers 3 is the best movie ever made. Anyway, Josh and Petey want to see it with me.

Back to these cuffs; are cute or what?
I love the Captain America ones.
You can find them here: Nerdifacts

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Maria said...

Hi there! It's Maria from Nerdifacts. Thanks for sharing my Power Wristies on your blog! I saw The Avengers earlier this week and absolutely loved it, but I'm probably easier to please than Van ;)