Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun at the Miami Couny Fair!

Boy, it was HOT!!!!!!

but, the kids had fun :)


Raisingarrows said...

I'm here from Lynnette's blog and wanted to say that we are FAIR FANATICS! I grew up in 4-H and both dh and I went to the state fair every year...seeing your pics makes me anxious for this year's festivities! :)

McFadden Family said...


Back from Lynette's blog, what a fun fair that looks like. Ours is in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to take the kiddies too it. That looks like tons of fun.


Kari said...

Over from Lynette's blog. Wish we had fairs where I live. We do in parts of Colorado, but none really close. I enjoy animals so much and like all the pics. We have an almost 17 year old pot bellied pig at my house.

Enjoying your blog so far. Read about 4 posts and need to read more. Nice to meet you!

Kari @ p.s.

Gina Ward said...

Hi!!! I am visiting from Lynette's blog and am enjoying getting to know you! My 16 month old son is figuring out letter sounds and mistook your picture of the deer for dogs!!! So he is sitting on my lap barking and I am laughing!!!
I love your new background and I can totally relate to a couple of posts ago where you were talking about all the hard work you put into your layout etc only to delete it all and start over! I so did that a week or so ago!!! Blogging-such an adventure!!! :)

Carol said...

I used to take my kids to fairs that look just like this. I don't miss the heat and the smells the the yucky puddles, but the kids sure had fun, and once in a while, I still go and take my grandkids! I am glad to visit you. I came over from Lynette's blog which I found from Kelly's blog!