Sunday, August 9, 2009

Salt Fork State Park

Do you remember here, where I asked you to guess where we were going?

Well, we went to Salt Fork State Park to camp for our vacation. Mainly because.....our kids wanted to. They were very excited because none of them had been camping before. ( I hadn't slept in a tent since I was 10.)

Our first night, Nanny and Papaw came over to help us to get set up and ready.

All the kids got to help hammer in the stakes.

Tatum enjoyed it!

Ollie helped Papaw with the poles.

Playing in the water of course.

Almost up!


Looks good.

Having fun in the tent.

I just loved the shoes outside the tent!

After the tent was up, we ate. Then we drove down to the lake.
The kids played in the sand till it was dark!

When we got back from the beach, we started a camp fire and made smores.

Then it was time for bed.

Here in the tent.

The kids were asleep by midnight. Josh and I were asleep by 1:00am.
Then Josh wakes me up at 2:00 am.
He tells me he feels water, it is pouring down rain.
It turns out there is water in the tent.
By 2:30 we are in the car with the kids, headed to Josh's parents house, about 40 min. or so away.

Oh, but we get lost pulling out of the park and drive around for an hour till we find the right way to Coshocton.

Why didn't we use our GPS you say.......oh we did, but it couldn't find us. It kept telling us that we weren't on a road!!!!!!!!

We made it to Josh's parents house around 4:20 in the morning.

Then the nest day we headed back and went to the beach!

Tatum really loved the water, she was like a little fish.

Ollie really liked the water too.

Josh and all three boys.

We ended up packing up our tent at 10:30 pm ( yes in the dark) and sleeping at Josh's parents house the second night too!
Ollie is the only one that wanted to sleep in the ten, so we tried to tough it out. We went into Cambridge to eat supper.
On our way home, the majority won.
We really had a lot of fun, despite everything and the kids are ready to do it again.
Mommy and Daddy think a CABIN might be a better idea for next year!


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had great fun! lovely colourful pictures

whispers only their hearts could hear said...

Hey, those are what make the memories, right!!! A Perfect camping trip would have been forgotten about years down the road. Glad you guys had fun. Kaden loves to camp too. We all do. I love that picture of you all by yourself!!! You look so pretty in it. Thanks again for sharing, always enjoy your page!-Charlotte