Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall clothes.....

I srsly LOVE this hat!

My favorite time of year is Fall!
I Love Fall clothes!
I was looking on Chadwick's site today and found some Fall must haves!
Check them out.....

Love these tights!

srsly, srsly LOVE these shoes!

Newsboy hat


Love this jacket, front and back!

This is the white shirt she is wearing in the picture above with the jacket

and the jeans!

have you see any fall must haves yet?


Scott McLean said...

hi Beth. We like some of same music and i'm Ohio native--but in Oregon most of my life-- so I want to make more friends in Ohio too. Ok have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I want that hat! gorgeous!

Emily, et. al. said...

I found this top at Marshalls (for $13) and it is SO FLATTERING that I am seriously contemplating buying a couple more at full price. It's not super high quality but it's so cute!

Mia said...

LOVE, LOVE the Newsboy hats..I think I spotted a bit of bling too which makes it even better..!! Thanks for the link!