Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playtime in the sink!

Ollie loves the kitchen sink! He wants to play in it all day long. He sneaks out to the kitchen and puts a stool in front of the sink. He turns the water on and plays in the water! If there is dishes in the sink, he takes turns dumping water back and forth into them. If not, he finds toys and tries the same thing. After he gets in trouble and is told to get down, as soon as he thinks that you have walked away, he tries to jump right back up there again!

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misscassiecass said...

idea time? if he loves water give him a small bowl of water, a clean paintbrush, and a towel and let him paint the walls with water. Its fun but the only bad thing is that he might mistake the fun for thinking its ok to "paint" the walls with anything!