Friday, February 1, 2008

Thankful :)

I read an article recently in one of my parenting magazines. The article was talking about the joy or pleasure we (as parents) get out of the daily routine of taking care of our children ( cooking for them, wiping their noses, running them around from place to place, ect.) . The article stated that the joy we received ranked there right above the daily house chores! So why do we do it? The article stated that we wanted our lives to mean something and the joy from seeing our children taking their first steps was enough of a reason right there. I agree with that too.
There are some days that I don't get a shower till I go to bed. Most days the house is not clean to the way that I like it! I live in toys and can do at least five loads of laundry a day. I run the kids back and forth to school and to the doctor. Everyday is a new adventure that includes catching Ollie writing on the walls and Van wipping his hands on the couch. I find Tatum without a diaper and Petey wearing his T shirts around his waist.
I also miss things that I used to take for granted like working and going to school. It is a lot easier to keep a house clean when you are not in it all day (really).
However, I also know that sooner then even I can imagine, my kids will be grown up. They will have lives of their own and Mom will not be in the center anymore! ( They won't want to sit with their Mom in the theater because it's not cool! I know, I did it too.)
So I am very thankful for all this time home with my children. I am very appreciative to my husband Josh for making it possible for me to be home with my children everyday. I don't think he knows how much I am thankful. When my children are older and living their own lives, I will think back and remember these times and be glad that I was here with them.. I won't remember that fact that I didn't get a shower!

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misscassiecass said...

ha ha... i just posted about the same thing, I get so overwhelmed at times and think its not fair that I have so much responsibility but then I think to the times beyond the constant chaos and thank god for this time of my life where Hailey and I are so close.