Monday, February 18, 2008

~The Best Weekend~

Josh and I had the best weekend this weekend. Our children went to stay with Josh's parents in Coshocton on Friday night. We picked our babies up on Sunday afternoon. We missed our babies, but we were really thankful for the time alone together. Friday night we went to the Funny Bone with our friends Ty and Alicia. Saturday, I didn't wake up till noon (1st time I did that since Van was born.) We ate at the Red Lobster, went to the mall. and went to the movie (There Will Be Blood.) It was a lot of fun! We spent some much needed time together. Sunday we slept till noon again and went out to eat again. I am really Thankful for my GREAT weekend :)

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misscassiecass said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend!! I know its hard to leave the kids for that amount of time but its so great to have some adult time. I'm glad you guys had a great time :) I'm jealous you got to sleep until noon two days in a row!!!