Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree..

I showed you our red, white and blue tree here, but here is our family tree with all our special ornaments.

Van made this at St. Peter last year.

Van, picture Christmas 2004
Petey, picture Christmas 2004

Ollie, picture Christmas 2004

Tatum, Christmas 2006 (she was 4 months old)

Tatum, picture Christmas 2006

Petey made this at St. Peter last year.

Of course we have to have the Grinch.....we have two.

The stocking were hung by the chimney with care.......

I hoped you enjoyed a look at our Christmas Tree..... :)

1 comment:

The Patterson's said...

You are like me...
have all the kids ornaments on your tree, and get more every year! =)
I just love the things the boys make!!!
I ordered ornaments with the boys pictures in them as babies. I'll have to take a pic of them and show ya.

Oh I just realized your boys go by their shortened names. I thought that was their real names. lol