Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday at the farm

On Friday, (after Thanksgiving) My Mom and I took the kids out to my Grandma and Grandpa's farm. longer working. (however my Mom and Stepdad are going to make it a working cow farm again, but that's a different post.) The kids like to go out here and run around.

Mom and Ollie walking down over the hill. (My Grandparents house in the background.)

Van about to get in trouble. They just tore down an old barn and hadn't got all of it carried away yet. Van kept trying to sneak over there and walk around it. (Ollie too as you can see up ahead.)
I'll post pictures when they get the new one built.

Petey with his football. He was throwing it back and forth with Grandma Darr. Petey couldn't believe that Mom could throw.

After a day of running around the farm, the kids all fell asleep on the way back to Grandma Darr's house. We ate Chinese food and Pizza for dinner because we we're in a tie on what to have.

Just like her Mommy, Tatum eating chicken fried rice and an egg roll.

Petey and Ollie watching Sponge Bob while waiting on the pizza.

Ollie trying to decide if he wants to stay asleep or get up and eat.

We spent Friday night at Grandma Darr's, then on Saturday Josh came back and we drove home to Tipp City. It was a nice Thanksgiving weekend. :)

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Rue said...

Hi Beth :)

It looks like everyone had a really nice time being cozy and visiting. I love your Grandma and Grandpa's farm! How much fun to be able to play there as a kid :)

Hve a great night!