Sunday, December 28, 2008

A lost tooth & updates....

For baby bear Petey lost his first tooth last Monday. He was very excited because when he goes back to school he gets to put his name on the wall with all of his classmates who have lost teeth too! The tooth fairly brought Petey a dollar that he wanted to spend on a Star Wars figure. When I told him he needed a couple more dollars......he told me he needed to loose some more teeth! haha

**Update** I am back! Last week we were in Coshocton spending our Holiday with family and friends. We were there from Sunday (Nanny & Papaw took the kids on Saturday so Josh and I could play Santa ;) ) night till Friday. I don't know if I told you all, but I had set all my posts over the last week, last Friday, 19th. ...........that whole posting at a later time and date thing is pretty cool! Anyway, hopefully over the next week I'll be posting all the fun times we had over our Holiday and I promise I'll get back to everyone who has commented soon! :)

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Gina @ Six in the Country said...

How sweet! The tooth fairy sure has adjusted to inflation.