Friday, December 19, 2008

story of the pickle...

Do you remember here, when I said that Petey made a pickle ornament this year and last year in school? Did you find the fact that it was a pickle a little funny?

Well, here is the story....

The pickle ornament was considered one of the most special tree decorations by many families in Germany. There the fir tree is usually decorated Christmas Eve. For good luck, the pickle is always the last ornament on the tree. Mother or Father hides the pickle some where on the tree. On Christmas morning, after the children first see the tree, they begin to hunt for the pickle. The child who found the pickle would receive a special present from Santa for being so observant.

We need a little good luck...maybe I should have waited to hang the pickle last!


The Patterson's said...

We dont have a pickle yet? I need to get one too though. I saw Walmart has them, maybe I'll get one this weekend!
Im looking for cute Frog ornaments too. =)
I keep collecting ornaments Im going to have to put up 2 trees like you!!

Rue said...

Good morning Beth :)

I thought we had a pickle, but I couldn't find it this year, so I'll have to get another one. I love the story behind it :)

The lights look great! We went easy this year so we don't have to worry about taking down the massive amount we usually put up. Rich likes to play Clark Griswold outside LOL

I teared up at the fingerprint ornament and he's not even my son LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Emily, James, Mike and Anthony said...

I have heard of that somewhere recently. I love the pickle. Cannot wait until my little one is old enough to start making ornaments.

Thanks for visiting my blog!