Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things I like right now.....

This coat!
It's 50% off, plus I have a $3o off coupon.....hmmm

I just like these.
Carved wings.
I think they look cool.
Click on the pic, they are at Pottery Barn.

PW cookbook, comes out 10/27
can't wait!

Little Miss Muffet costume.

I know it is not Jill ( they were supposed to be Jack and Jill), but I always loved this movie when I was little, and I loved her costume. This is what the Miss Muffet costume reminded me of.

how is that for crazy randomness?

now I am off to make strawberry cupcakes with my daughter, with decorative princess candies.

oh, and before we left for the weekend, Beth P. gave me an award.
Thank You, Beth

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Yaya said...

I need to figure out a costume....