Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ollie's glasses.....

Last Thursday, I broke Ollie's glasses.
I was able to take him to get his lenses put into another set of frames on Friday.
YEAH!!! Here he is sitting right after we got home with the new frames!
Doesn't he look happy?
( I would also like to mention that it was a month to the day that he got his glasses, for the first
time, and when mommy broke them.)

NOW, enter Monday.......Ollie is sitting on the couch watching TV when Mommy says "Ollie is's time to get brothers from school"

Ollie jumps up (where his glasses were???? I missed that part)
What I didn't miss however was Ollie jumping up and down on the couch ( he was sitting) and sat right on his new frames!!!!!

yep. he broke them.
He thought Mommy could fix them just like before, and I couldn't......well not right away!
5 days for new frames!

So all week he has been more touchy or fussy!!!!
( you would be too if you couldn't see)

I hope that they come in tomorrow......if not, because of the weekend, they won't come in till Tuesday!

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The Patterson's said...

poor guy!
Tanner got his glasses when he was 3. Then the very 1st day of Kindergarten.... a preschooler took them off and broke them into on the playground. omg, I was irrate but it didnt get me anywhere. :) He has done really well with them though.