Thursday, September 3, 2009

Morning chaos .......

One son gets readying in the morning with me even having to help him along........for the other son,

I have to keep him moving every step of the way.

We , make our way down stairs around 8:00 am.

First thing we do is I make and the kids eat breakfast.

While the kids are eating breakfast, I am packing lunches and filling water bottles and stuffing all including a snack into the backpacks.

I should say here that Van, Tatum and Ollie are eating their breakfast, I have to yell for Petey 2 -3 times for him to come down and eat. I have to remind him that if he doesn't come to eat now he won't eat. ( This usually works because Petey doesn't like to go without food!)

By the time all of this happens, it's around 8:30 am.

Time to wash hands & face and brush teeth.
Then we have to put our clothes on to go.

Van dresses while I am helping Tatum and Ollie with their clothes and shoes ect..

Van will be completely dressed with shoes and backpack on and ready to go about he same time Tatum and Ollie are.

Petey is still up stairs in the bathroom.

I yell up to tell him we are ready and we are starting to head to the car.

Petey will come running out as I am loading the other kids in the car.....he will have his socks on and earring his shoes, dropping the along the way.
Petey screams "don't leave me , don't leave me!"

has he ever been left behind??????? OF COURSE NOT!!!!

so I sent him back inside because he is getting his socks dirty to put his shoes on .
Then we are sitting in the car waiting for Petey and I have to send him back in to get his backpack, which he has forgotten.

When we get to the school, I pull up and Van gives me a hug and kiss and hops out quickly.
Van is usually in the school before Petey gets out of the car, and sometimes he has to crawl back in to get his backpack!

We still make it there before 9:00am.!

I find it interesting how my two boys, who grew up together, can be just so different! :)

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