Friday, September 18, 2009

The Dentist....

Yesterday, I took Van to the Dentist.
He just went to the Dentist in June.
Van has two baby teeth that are still hanging on (in his gums) even though his adult teeth have come in.
This first dentist wanted to put Van to sleep to extract the teeth, plus clean his teeth, cap them, ect. because he wasn't comfortable in "the chair".
She shoved three things in his mouth all at once and pressed on his tongue and made him gag.
So now, Van doesn't like anything in his mouth.

Jump ahead to yesterday.
The hygienist we saw was very nice. (different place)
She did get a x ray of Van.
He didn't get his teeth cleaned but, has an appt. in two weeks to go back and get them clean.
The hygienist let Van touch and feel all of the equipment and get used to the place yesterday.
Van says he feels confident that we will be able to have his teeth cleaned when we go back.
Plus, those two pesky teeth, I think we are going to try to let them wiggle out on their own first!
One is already loose.

He left yesterday with a sticker and a latex glove blown up like a balloon, which he thought was really cool, and a smile on his face. :)


Anonymous said...

I have an award for you over at mine:)

Juliet Grossman said... hard to watch the little ones at the dentist. My now-seven year old had one of her bottom teeth do what is sounds like your son's two are doing. The baby tooth got loose, but then it just got to a point of looseness and didn't get any looser. Meanwhile the permanent completely came in either behind it or in front of it - I forget which. The dentist yanked it and luckily it was loose enough that she was just able to use a teeny bit of topical gel to numb it. It didn't hurt but (1) it BLED like crazy and (2) the tools she had to use where SCARY (looked like something you'd use to jump start a car battery lol.) But other than that it was fine. Hopefully your son's will fall out on their own and good to know one is already getting loose.

Thanks so much for stopping by when I had my Sits Day last week:-)