Tuesday, September 8, 2009

last Saturday..... **updated**

Last Saturday, The kids and I went to MC Donald's and Wal Mart with Grandpa Ron. When we got home, we walked to the park.

Tatum wanted her hair to look like Mommies.
( not quite the same and she ended up pulling it out halfway through the day!)

Pulling the wagon to the park.
( they always have to drag toys along.)

Getting along!

blurry going down the slide.

Ollie here still with his glasses on! ( he still doesn't have them!)

Ollie is now my little photographer, I'll share the pictures he took soon.

** updated section, I added more photos!**
from here down

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whispers only their hearts could hear said...

Your looking very slimming in that photo with Tatum! Are you loosing weight???? And do you have a little photographer on your hands??? Cool pics he took. Kinda like ones you might find in a magazine, definitely cool art either way you look at it!!!