Monday, December 21, 2009

some school Christmas"ness" and a little cheating....

 All three boys took little gift bags with pencils, erasers and candy for their friends at their school Christmas parties this year.
The blue bags were for Van's class.

 Gingerbread men were for Petey's class.

 Penguins were for Ollie's class.

 Ollie brought home this ornament for Mom and Dad wrapt in this paper.


 Van brought home this ornament.

 and these cute little things Van brought home too......they also on our tree.

 Petey's gingerbread house.
(Tatum started eating and the dog Sherman finished it already!)

 Petey's reindeer.

 Last year I baked lots and lots of sugar cookies. The kids gave them to their teachers.
I made the cookies and icing . You can find the recipe here.

This year.....I bought the dough and the icing!



Beth P. said...

Haha. I had every intention of making my cookies from scratch this year but its getting too late and I have that same exact bag of cookie dough mix in my cupboard. I know what I'm doing tonight...

Beth P. said...

Haha. I'm back! I just finished making a bazillion cookies with that dough. Ugh. I'm tired! Anyway, I wanted to come say to visit because I've given you an award, if you're into that stuff :-)

Lynn said...

mark and i finally found a sugar cookie recipe that we could actually conquer; we were literally icing cookies seconds before we left for a christmas day brunch! everything takes longer when you are old. lol don't know how you manage with your little people all involved at the same time?! ours were so spread out it was a piece of cake. not!!! i love that you cherish all their handmade treasures; they are absolutely the best!