Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Coshocton..

Last weekend, we drove to Coshocton to spend time with our families.

Saturday, we had the Patterson family party.

Josh's sister Jodi was in from Indiana where she lives with my niece and nephew, Emily and Liam.

sorry the pictures were not that great here, I was having camera problems.

 Ollie ready to unwrap a present.

 Tatum is ready too.

 Liam wanted the Mike and Ikes.

 Van and his present.


 Jodi and Emily.


Jodi and Emily laughing.

 Papaw D and Liam.

 Van and his Star Wars Legos.

 Petey and Space Police legos.

 Ollie and his animal hospital.

 Grandma Linda and Liam.

 Emily with her pony present.

 tatum looking at her baby doll.



 Tatum with her new boots on!

On Sunday, we went down to my mom's for Christmas.

 as you can see, Petey didn't get his two front teeth for Christmas.

 Ollie ripping into his presents.






 Mom and Tatum.

 Tatum with her pony movie.

 Ollie with his train.

 Grandpa Troy and Ollie putting the train together.

 Tatum and her music box.

 Daddy and Tatum.

 Van and Petey playing Star Wars on the stairs.

 My Mom and I.


 Daddy and Tatum.

 The boys were playing with their toy guns, here is Daddy shooting back.

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