Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

 On Christmas Eve, Josh made the turkey and I made the rest of the meal. Grandpa Ron came over to visit. The we sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn. ( Petey was given some from a friend on the last day of school.)
By the way, reindeer food is oats, crushed up lucky charms and glitter.

Then it was night night baths, Christmas jammies and off to bed so Santa could come.
Tatum has pink ballerina jammies, Ollie has Spongebob jammies, Petey has Star Wars jammies and Van has  phenes and ferb jammies.

 Tatum's presents. Dora paper.

 Ollie's presents. Spongebob paper.

 Petey's presents. Spiderman paper.

 Van's presents. Transformers paper.

 Mommy baked sugar cookies that night too. So we could leave some for Santa.
We also had to leave Chocolate milk for Santa too, because he thinks Santa likes that the best.
Van does too.
Van also made the Thank You Santa letter.

 Christmas morning.

 They all ripped through the paper in about 10 minutes.

 They also had to open everything before that wanted one box open!






 Tatum even got some Christmas tree and snowman marshmallows.....she loves marshmallows.

I made ham for Christmas dinner. My dad stopped by to wish us Merry Christmas.


Tatum was so tired, she fell asleep around five o'clock.


Lynn said...

it looks like they had a really fun, peaceful day and got lots of nice things. i like the individual wrapping paper idea; suits the person and eases confusion. hope you are all happy and well! have a happy new year celebration,too. lynn ann

"And so our stories go..." said...

What a happy Christmas. Thanks for sharing.