Thursday, December 17, 2009

A gift for my sister and a Christmas tree...

Van made this tree in school with a Cinnamon stick.

every week, Van's class gets a new poem to read,
this is this week's poem, I thought it was cute.

A Gift For My Sister

Oh, little sister, Beth,
I have no present for yet for you.
I'm at the store in aisle four and
wondering what to do.
The pink and purple boxes are giving me a rash.
I turn and run to aisle one-
that's where I'll spend my cash!

It's finally Christmas morning, Beth,
I hope that you like my gift-
An alien with slimy skin and legs you can move and shift.
So now I'll open my gift-the one you bought for me.
A doll in braids.....let's make a trade.....
I hope you will agree!

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