Friday, October 10, 2008

The "IT" Dress, from the inbox.

I got an email from Newport News this week titled the "IT" Dress. Holiday season is just around the corner and the catalogs are getting ready. Here are the ones I liked. (there was 40 some).

**hint ;) ......hubby***** plus somewhere to wear it too!

The top one was probably my was a toss up between that one and the next one here.......

Sparkly & favorite color!
Simple and black....I love it!

I am not wild about the color.......but look at the beautiful shape and pretty & feminine .....I would wear this one too.

Chadwick's also sent me a email this week......well about 5 actually and here a couple of new things I like.....

I Love this dress and Shoes!! !Soo cute.I also love this British wool coat too! It is shown here in pink plaid but it comes in many colors including black.....I like both!

Thanks for joining me in dream shopping! :)


misscassiecass said...

we really have the same taste in clothing! I looove all those outfits. If only we had somewhere to wear them!! I was just talking to Jeremy last night how fun it would be to get everyone together and do a murder mystery dinner!!! I've always wanted to do one. Oh and I'm so mad at myself.. I accidently deleted my other blog! I'll have to create a new one.

Ashley said...
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