Tuesday, October 21, 2008

confetti cake & weekend update

Well, as I mentioned in the last update, the kids stayed with Nanny & Papaw last weekend. Nanny bought confetti cake mix and icing but, ran out of time to bake it with the kids.So, Nanny sent it home with me........and here it is......It tastes pretty good too!
So, what did Josh and I do with our time away from the kids? We went to a Halloween party. (No, we didn't dress up) That was a lot of fun......I also did A LOT of laundry and Josh and I took a ride Saturday afternoon. I was a nice break....but I was happy to see my babies on Sunday! :)

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The Patterson's said...

that cake looks good! I made 2 more pumpkin rolls Sunday too.
Ive had a sweet tooth for the past month. YUMMY!