Tuesday, January 25, 2011

catching up

due to sickness last week and weekend, ( yep, me and all four kids have been sick at one point in the last week,) I got behind on my organization.
No need to worry, I am still here and still moving along. Right now I am playing catch up.

first, I would like to show you what I have done under the kitchen sink...
Remember here, after I cleaned it out, it still looked nasty because of the ugly water damaged paper....

well, I have fixed that. I bought some contact paper and baskets  last night.

I even added contact paper half way up the back, it looks so much better in there now!!!

I LOVE it!
I have a felling that I might go contact paper crazy soon!

next, I did my bill area/ command central that has been living on my counter.

There are no before pictures because, well I just started and forgot to take them!
here is what it looks like now ....

I took Toni's idea of the hanging file organizer.

So far, it is working out great!
I made a file for every member of the family plus a folder for things that needs to be signed. There is a folder for school directories, cub scouts, and for things that need to be paid.
In this bin, I place the mail, things like magazines and catalogs. 

So, for me to be caught up, I still need to organize:
master closet,
and for choose your own today, I am going to tackle my purse ( BELIEVE me, it needs it!)


Toni said...

You did awesome on this one!!! Love the command center. Doesnt it make a world of difference?

Anonymous said...

Great work!

Amanda said...

An amazing job, it all looks fab!

queenbee1994 said...

Great job. I created this command center as well. I just need to find a calender for the front of it and print off my labels. I have the calender from switheroom but I cant get it to print for some reason.

Amy said...

Love the contact paper on the back wall...I'm going to have to steal that idea! Great job!



Kristin said...

And I still haven't started my bathroom project...Shame on me. I need to pick up some contact paper!