Thursday, January 27, 2011

almost done ...

still catching up on the 21 day challenge... Today I tackled the medicine and my purse, which just leaves .... keepsakes and photos.

I cleaned out the top of the bathroom cabinet
the big container holds rubbing alcohol and peroxide. Cotton balls too.

smaller bottom container holds my diabetic stuff like lancets and alcohol wipes.
next container holds first aid stuff like band aides, ointments and such
the top container contains things like pills for things like back pain and headaches.

then, here is the bottom part of that cabinet ( because I couldn't stop there)

top shelf is toilet paper and bottom is soap and the kids mouth wash, I also added the kids bubble bath too.
As you can see, I also covered the shelves with contact paper.

Then, for the last day, we got to choose our own project and I choose my purse ( believe me , it needs it!)

here we go...

here it is with the cute little flower, right?

and here it is inside...

here is everything that came out of it...

and these ....

it's been awhile since I cleaned out my purse!

and now, it looks like this..

much better!

and don't forget about the new weekly challenge


Scientific Housewife said...

I love how organized you are getting!

Lynn said...

wow! i am so impressed! and so jealous! you are totally motivating me to get started on the mayhem around me. thanks so much, keep going!