Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Back!

Well. I am back. I missed you all, but it was a nice break. I will catch all of you up slowly. On Friday June 18th, the day did not start out well. I took my dog Sherman to the groomers. When I picked him up, I had all four kids with me, and I slammed my finger in the car door! Then about an hour later, Tatum broke the touch screen on my blackberry storm! Yep! I did end up getting all three of my papers done and turned in. The kids and I made to Coshocton in just enough time for me to get ready for my husband's class reunion. I took a long time to get dressed ( one of those I don't feel good in anything moods!) and showed up late. However, I ended up having a lot of fun. I got to see the lady that was the matron of honer in my wedding ( I don't see her much) and I got to see a lot of fun ladies that I wish I lived closer to. Thanks girls for a good night. In case you were wondering, Josh had a great time too. He had two days of golfing and hanging out with his friends.

Here is everyone from his class that showed up on Saturday night.
( Josh is in the blue polo with the green stripes)

The Girls

This is the best picture of the dress I wore, sorry you can't see more. It is my favorite dress.

It was a fun night, the next day we headed off to Salt Fork.
That's the next post. :)

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Anonymous said...

So glad to know you're back! I'm glad you ended up having fun even though you showed up late! xxx