Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Tudors season 3

When I was on You tube this morning, I found the Tudors Season 3 Episode 1 on there. It premiers on Showtime this Sunday night. I watched it on IN DEMAND this weekend.
So I already got my Tudors fix! Now, I don't expect anyone to stay on my blog for 58 min. to watch this.........but I thought that you might want to catch a glimpse of the show. ( if you can get through the first 5 min. of seasons 1 & 2 highlights!)

one last thing.........I LOVE this show! OK, I really, really love this show & all things Henry the 8!

It's a Small World!

Tuesday March 24, Van's school presented their Spring Program ........It's A Small World.
Van's class was from Israel and they sang Hava Nagila.

Van heading to the stage.

Van on stage.

Van's class singing Hava Nagila.Van is the tall boy on the right.
When the camera shakes, Ollie grabbed my arm.

Van leaving the stage.

Van and Petey after the program.

The Train Expo...

On Sunday March 22, we went to the Great Train Expo! All our children enjoy trains.........but Ollie REALLY does. Below was Ollie's favorite train of the day.
(at least I think it was, he liked them all.)

John Deere!

Van wanted to get a pictures of the cows.

Well, I took lots more pictures of the trains, but I figured you would like to see more pictures of us.

Here is Josh and Ollie watching a train.

Here is a couple of pictures Van took of Mommy and the littlest ducklings.

The LEGO TRAIN! This was the favorite of the rest of the ducklings and where we spent the most time.

Even Tatum had fun watching the trains.


Checking out all the LEGO'S for sale!

Spiderman, Spiderman......

Petey told me to take this picture because of the storm troopers!


After the expo, we ate at Fricker's
We had a lot of fun here too!

where Tate wanted to sit the entire time!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Van's Birthday DAY.

Well, even though Monster Trucks didn't work out, we still had a great day!

Van with his new tin of Pokemon cards.

putting his hat on.

His cake.

Thinking about what to wish for.

Already made a wish!

Van ate Vanilla and orange sherbet mixed, his favorite!

Van chose Fox's Pizza for his birthday meal!

Tatum, helping Mommy to set the table.


Ollie eating cake and ice cream.

enjoying cake and ice cream.

Mommy and the birthday boy!

Mommy and Tatum!

Mommy and Petey Bear!

Ollie, well being Ollie!

Petey blew up his first balloon.

Tatum with pink balloons, of course!


Grandpa Ron and Tatum.

Petey and balloon!

Van got a Wii for his birthday!! This is his first time playing!

Petey and Daddy playing!