Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I know that this doesn't come close to Wendy's very impressive story of a young college student who can take notes, text on her phone, video chat, and carry on two chat boxes all at the same time........... ( that is so efficient that I can only wish to be that efficient!)
However, since I sit at the school a half an hour before the kids get out of school just so I don't have to get the younger two out of the car.........I have been using this time to make all my phone calls for the day! I save them up, write down who I have to call and make sure I have all the numbers and then while we are sitting there I make the calls from my cell phone. I feel like I am getting so much done this way!
Of course, when I have calls to make, Tatum and Ollie are loud and yelling and when I don't have any calls to make.......they are sleeping! :)

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Rue said...

Hi Beth :)

You're more efficient than you think! I forget to call everyone back LOL

LOVED that picture of your sweet boy asleep in front of the TV :)