Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday ramblings......

Van's birthday is coming up (March 21). This morning while we were getting ready for school...Van was telling me that Grave Digger was going to be at Thunder Nationals in Dayton on his Birthday Day. (Josh and I were already aware) Van was telling me we could unwrap presents in the car....he wanted to for go the party in order to go see monster trucks! After I told him, that he would still get a party too, the conversation went like this........

Me: what do you want your party theme to be?

Van: Monster trucks & Dinosaurs

Me: You need to pick one, Honey.

Van: Dinosaurs, I want a Saber tooth cat on my cake! .......

Van: I still like monster trucks though, Mom

Me: a saber tooth cat? ..... on your cake?

Van: yeah

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