Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Train Expo...

On Sunday March 22, we went to the Great Train Expo! All our children enjoy trains.........but Ollie REALLY does. Below was Ollie's favorite train of the day.
(at least I think it was, he liked them all.)

John Deere!

Van wanted to get a pictures of the cows.

Well, I took lots more pictures of the trains, but I figured you would like to see more pictures of us.

Here is Josh and Ollie watching a train.

Here is a couple of pictures Van took of Mommy and the littlest ducklings.

The LEGO TRAIN! This was the favorite of the rest of the ducklings and where we spent the most time.

Even Tatum had fun watching the trains.


Checking out all the LEGO'S for sale!

Spiderman, Spiderman......

Petey told me to take this picture because of the storm troopers!


After the expo, we ate at Fricker's
We had a lot of fun here too!

where Tate wanted to sit the entire time!

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