Friday, November 7, 2008

My Little Bear.

Petey Bear will be 6 years old tomorrow November 8. Happy Birthday Baby Bear!

Mommy and Petey , a couple of weeks old.

Two weeks ago Petey was the student of the week and he had to answer some questions and I would like to share them with you now.
~My Birthday- November 8
~A person I admire- Dad
~Where I was born-Coshocton
~My favorite food-Oranges
~My favorite animal- bats and snakes
~What I do well-jump
~My favorite book-Star Wars & Indiana Jones
~What I like most about school-Center time, when we play Toys
~What I want to be-RICH

Here are some random pictures of Petey.......

Here is Petey and Josh. Petey is not three yet in this picture.

Petey age 2.

Age 2, playing in the rain and his great grandpa's farm.

Playing with his big brother.

Mommy and Petey.....almost 1.
Petey right before school, last year.

Petey with Daddy, his first day of Pre school.

Mommy and Petey at the pumpkin patch last year.

Playing at grandpa's farm this past summer.

Opening Day 2007.

At our house this past summer.


Graycesmomma said...

Happy Birthday Petey! Those pictures are wonderful! The rain pictures are so sweet!

Rue said...

Happy Birthday Petey!!! Have a fantastic day and eat a lot of cake for me ;)