Thursday, September 18, 2008

A very nice day :)

Today was a very nice day. After we dropped Petey off at school, Grandpa Ron and Ollie, Tatum &I went to the park to take Ollie and Tatum's 4 year and 2 year pictures. That went really well and not stressful at all. Then I took Tatum and Ollie around to run some errands. We went to a dollar store and a grocery store. They were both really good and calm. The trip was enjoyable. Then when we got home we had just enough time to eat a quick lunch....and wash it down with some ice cream before it was time to go pick up the big brothers at school.

Today, I also learned that even though I love all my babies the most and the same......the same does not go for them between each other. Ollie went running up to Van when he saw him coming out of the school and tried to hug him....Van pushed him back (not rough) and didn't hug him.....only to hug Petey seconds later. Later when I asked Van about it he said" well Ollie isn't my favorite...he is just little." When I explained to van that that probably hurt Ollie's feeling and next time he should hug him Van said..... "well, just a little hug Mommy, because Ollie is just a little guy."

I'll share some of the pics Grandpa Ron took tomorrow and that tree I posted right before.....we used a tree just like it for a background. :)

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