Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beautiful Virginia...

From summer 2005 thru summer 2006 we lived on the Northern Neck in Virginia. Josh got a teaching job at the high school there. We loved living there, but we moved back to Ohio so that we could be closer to our families. The ride was 8 hours...with the boys it was more like 10 hours. It was a little hard on everyone to drive back and forth. I loved the fall there...it seemed like it lasted four to five months there. It was so beautiful and the weather was so nice. Anyway I was thinking about it this morning and so I started looking at some pictures.....then I decided to share.This is the house that we lived in. Our address was Irvington...but we were closer to Kilmarnock. We lived on a golf course there.
This was beside our house.

The side of our house.

Sgain the side of our house.

Looking out the back door.

The boys playing on the floor........they were soo small.

Josh and Ollie in the Bay.

Ollie on the beach.

Van playing in the sand.

Petey playing in the sand.

Lancaster High school where Josh worked.

The Chesapeake Bay...about 20min. from our house.

Virginia Beach.....more like two hours from our house.

Thanksgiving Dinner.....the first one that I cooked!

Our Christmas Tree......the only picture I took I guess.

Van on the Golf course.....we were taking a walk in December. :)

Petey on the Course.

and Ollie......I can't believe how small he is. Thanks for remembering with me. :)

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