Tuesday, September 9, 2008

some weekend updates.....

Sunday my Dad and I took the kids to park to enjoy the weather. Here are a couple of pictures that I took.....I'll share some of my Dad's later.

yeah......I went grocery shopping and I finally bought candy corn! I love this stuff and I love the colors too. look how nice it looks in the candy dish.

On Sunday I made Chili too to celebrate the weather. You always know that fall is here when I start making Chili...this was already the second time.....What can I say.......we really like chili. :)

We always keep lemonade and tea in the refrigerator. The other day I saw this recipe for Vanilla Lemonade on INSIDE THE BLACK APPLE blog and it looked so good that I tried it Sunday too.
Guess what...it is that good. I LOVED it! :)


misscassiecass said...

Your candy dish on the books is so pretty! Its definatly fall now! I've been too busy lately to really get our house in the fall mood but everytime I look at your blog, you give me inspiration :) And how in the world do you keep little fingers out of your candy corn????!!!! oh ha I forgot your little ones dont like it! Lucky you!!!! too cute

Carolyn said...

The weather has been great! I love fall.

Have you tried candy corn with peanuts mixed in. YUMMY.

Vanilla lemonade sounds yummy too!

Graycesmomma said...

Adorable pictures! I have the same "college" shirt from Animal House. LOL! Now I want some chili and lemonade though. I am for sure going to have to try that lemonade. Not sure if you are a candle person, but bath and body works has some really cute fall/halloween candles. Do your kids know what they are going to be this year?...Spiderman? I think G has settled on Snow White, which I think will be cute with her shorter hair do.

Beth's Blog said...

I think candy corn is good with chex mix too!