Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today's fishing trip

We went to a local park today where we could do some fishing and have a picnic. The kids didn't catch any fish, but they did have fun and are ready to go back this week. I was watching the two little ones in the grass while Josh had the two older boys fishing off the pier, so I didn't get any pictures of them fishing. Too bad!

Here is our friend Mr. Duck. He kept swimming up to the shore where we were eating our lunch. The kids were excited and kept walking down to say hello.

Looking at the duck.

Ollie coming down too.

Ollie before he ate.

Very important stuff in Petey's tackle box!

Tatum doesn't know what is so special about this duck. " I'm eating trail bologna."

Van eating fruit snacks, waiting to fish.

Petey waiting to fish.

Mommy and Tatum.

Mommy and Tatum, again.

Ollie hanging out.

Pretty Tate.

Playing with the camera.

Van, hiding behind the trees. He heading to the car.

Here comes Daddy.

Heading for the car.

whoops, Petey needs to stop for a drink.

Petey and Vanny in the car.

A picture at the picnic table.

Ollie after eating.

Tatum trying to go thru Petey's tackle box.

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