Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dream Home, Dream kitchen

all photographs from HGTV website.

In years past, I used to be really obsessed excited about the HGTV Dream Home.
The last few years my interest has cool considerably.
 However the other day I took a look at some of the photographs on the HGTV website.
Even though this is still my DREAM HOME, there are some things about this years home that I do like.

1. the kitchen with the long bar.
 We have a small cramped kitchen in our home.
Our kitchen is the heart of our home where everyone meets and where we do everything.
(Tatum sets her toys up there to play, so she can be near Mommy. The boys do their homework there., ect.)
I think in this kitchen everyone could still hang out right there and not feel cramped.

 This is the "walk in pantry". Now we buy lots of food. ( 4 kids, 2 adults)
We have a refrigerator and a deep freezer in our garage. We also have more storage in our garage for food because it doesn't all fit in our kitchen cupboards.
Now, I am not sure I need a whole room for food, but I would have enough room for all our food in there and it wouldn't all on top of each other and hard to find. 

.... and as if the walk in pantry wasn't enough, we have the recycle room from the kitchen, on the way to the garage.
Yes, there is more storage there!
Do you think you could fill it?
I think about all the big boxes we get from Sam's Club.....we could fill it!


 That's it, Thanks for dreaming along with me. :)


New England Girl said...

Those photos are SO gorgeous. The long bar is to die for... You could entertain so many people in a comfortable, casual setting in a space like that. Ah, only to have it...

Brimful Curiosities said...

Lots of things to like about that home. I loved the Alice in Wonderland play area.

MelRoXx said...

Great images! Your house is amazing! Its so neat!