Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Wilds

photo from the Wilds website

We went to our home town last weekend. Saturday my Mom and I took the kids to the Wilds.

Here are pictures of the kids in the car before we left.




& Tatum

We rode in an open air bus like this one.

This photo is taken from the Wilds website.

The first animal we saw. It is a rhino.

Two humped camel.


Catfish. We had two stops on the ride. This was the first one. It was a lake where you could feed the catfish .


Ollie was feeding the fish.

My Mom walking back to the bus.

cheetahs, Van's favorite part.

Wild horses.

wild horses with their baby.


Ollie's favorite

I don't remember.
( I'll find out and add it)

Zebras, my favorite.

more rhinos, I think they are White rhinos.

I leave you with a beautiful picture from the day.


Kristin said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like a blast!

Anonymous said...

No husband? He must be a douche bag.

Graycesmomma said...

Oh I have heard of that place and have always thought it would be fun. Was it worth it? Expensive?