Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Vacation

The kids are finally on summer vacation.
I never thought that it would get here.
I will have a big fifth grader, a fourth grader, a second grader and a kindergartener next year.
Everyone but Van will be in a different school.
Since Petey was moving out of his elementary school and into an intermediate school ( grades 4 and 5)
their school has a tradition of clapping out the third graders on their last day.
Basically the parents  line the halls and clap as they play music and the third graders dance their way out of the school, or in the gym where everyone meets.
Here is my Petey bear
( will he ever get tired of me calling him bear ... probably, but he will always be my bear. 
and here is Petey with Mr. G, the principle
don't worry Mr. G, you will still have a Patterson next year, Ollie bear.

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