Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy birthday Ollie!

Today is Ollie's birthday!
He is eight years old today.
I would like to recycle part of a birthday post for Ollie from two years ago:
( mostly because I like looking at pictures of my little guy!)

so much has happened since Ollie was born.
I have watched my little guy grow for eight years now. 
So many happy times.
I am so proud of my little boy.


Mommy and Ollie at Lake Park, spring 2005.

Ollie in spring 2005

right before Ollie's first Birthday Party

Splashing in the water,
Ollie has always loved the water!

having fun in the water with Daddy

with his brothers checking out his presents.

On his big present! a four wheeler.

eating his first Birthday cake and icing

making a good mess!

Mommy and Daddy cleaning the cake off.

Ollie in Virginia with his Monster Trucks.

Mommy and Ollie in Virginia, 2005

The next set of pictures were taken in Virginia.

Playing with Thomas trains

The first time Ollie was Tigger.

notice Ollie's Thomas shoes, every year he gets a pair of Thomas Shoes!

At his brother's soccer game. Ollie loves all out door stuff....leaves, stones, sticks, pine cones, ect....

Coshocton county fair 2007.

Trick or Treat 2007
Tigger again :)

Christmas 2007

Reds game July 4th, 2008
Christmas 2008

Ollie at Van's birthday party.

Ollie and Daddy at Frickers.

Ollie at the train expo, Ollie loves trains!

Ollie at a school play last year.

Ollie with Van and Daddy at Petey's football game, Fall 2011

Ollie in the ER when he broke his leg, spring 2011

Ollie a couple of weeks ago at the park.

if you would like to read more about Ollie and autism click here

Happy Birthday Ollie, I love you!

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