Monday, December 6, 2010

The trees

We put up two Christmas trees last Sunday.
Both real this year. ( first time since '05 that we put up a real tree)

This is the tree upstairs.

Instead of putting personal ornaments on one tree and having a theme for the other ( which is what we usually do), this year we split up the personal ornaments and put them on both trees.
I kinda like it.
( as for themed trees, we have had John Deere and red, white, and blue in the past.)

Here is the tree down stairs.
Van feels Santa will stop here because this tree is by the fireplace.

I have plenty more decorations to put up, but I have not done so yet.
are all your trees and decorations up by now?


Scientific Housewife said...

They both look great!

The Patterson's said...

trees looks nice! I think kitty was thinking yum supper. lol
Ive had my decorations inside and out up since Thanksgiving.
I have soooo many kids ornaments! I like them the best....especially ones they made with their pics.

Miss Go Lightly said...

Lovely lovely trees Beth! :)