Friday, December 10, 2010

Lego League has come to an end.

Last night was the awards banquet for the Jr. Lego League.
The boys enjoyed Lego League so much and are sad that it is over. 
They also can't wait till next year to do it again!

Here is their team, minus 2 kids.

the team and their coach

Van and his trophy.

Petey and his trophy.

The boys had lots of fun. A police detective fingerprinted all of them and showed the team how to dust for fingerprints. ( I think that was their favorite night.) The team used microscopes. Their theme was simple machines and how they help the human body. The team learned all about simple machines and they made them out of legos. It was very interesting, and amazing all that you can do with legos. 


Anonymous said...

What fun! I teach 5th grade, and I can not tell you how much my students would love to do something like that. I ought to give it a try as we start having indoor recess due to the weather!

Kristin said...

Do they have adult Lego Leagues? Cuz I wanna join! HA!