Thursday, September 16, 2010

some inspiration, please

I am looking for some inspiration. I have a two page paper due Saturday about my childhood. I thought maybe that if I talked about my college education, I might find some inspiration.

Why am I adding college to my already, very busy life?

I  stay at home; I take care of our four children, my husband and our two dogs and two cats...I am busy, believe me.
I do hope to return to work when all four of my children are in school all day.

I am seeking a Bachelors degree in Humanities, with my concentration in Literature. Future plans include a Masters degree in Education. I want to to be licensed in fourth through ninth grade, but I really want to teach eighth grade English.

After I graduated high school,  I did attend college classes at a local branch college. I first took psychology classes, and then business classes too. I guess I was thinking human resources in the back of my mind. Then I took some marketing classes and enjoyed them, I started to head in that direction. I was working as a customer service representative at a bank at the time. I also still worked at the movie theater that I worked at in high school. I thought I was set, and I didn't really care to much about school. My mom had been working in a bank, still does actually, since I was two years old. She has been a loan officer, branch manager and investment banker. Mom was happy with my job choice and that was fine for me.
Then, two years later, I made a drastic change. I moved an hour away and went to a different school. I took animal science and horse husbandry. That lasted two quarters, but I had started working at another theater and became a manager there.
I was happy there for a while.
Jumping through another job and meeting and marring my husband, school was out of my mind for a while.
After having my second son, I quit a manager job at a retail store to go back to school. I was in a English and social studies teaching program. I was in my junior year, with one year left when my husband received a job offer in another state that we felt that he needed to take. Instead of going to school, I went back to work. I worked in a book store, which happened to be my very favorite job that I have had.
I was out of school again, for a while. 
We moved back to Ohio, and I had our last child. 
This Spring, I enter into another school and another program.
It is a program that will take me around two years to complete. I could finish it in a shorter peroid of time, but taking two classes a quarter is about all I can handle with everything else.
It is moving by quickly though, I am already starting my third quarter.

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