Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Petey's tree

for Arbor day, Petey got a little pine tree from school. It had a little note with said something like take a picture of me and three and watch us grow. When I graduate from high school take another picture of me and the tree and see how much we have grown. So here is Petey and his tree. I hope it makes it. Well put it in the ground when it gets a little bigger. The tree Van got last year didn't make it, but it was a  lot smaller then Petey's.


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Oh my goodness, that is the coolest thing. I should get my daughter one too. I know she'd love to see it grow! It would teach her a lot about patience. :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

P.S. You should read him the book Frog and Toad, one of the stories is about Frog planting a tree. It's really cute. I used to read it to my first graders every year. They loved it!