Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Petey & Van's reading banquet

Petey's reading banquet was on Monday night. He got to eat pizza and ice cream with other first graders and the principal and first grade teachers. Then I got to come in and watch a slide show of pictures of the first grade class taken over the year.
Petey is wearing his reading t shirt that he earned. 
Petey had to read 10 envelope ( 25 book per envelope) to be invited to the banquet.
Petey is now on envelope # 13.

during the slide show with ice cream on his face.

Petey's symmetry artwork he showed me while we were there.

Van's reading banquet was on Tuesday night.

he wasn't happy about having his picture taken!
He didn't want me to walk him in because that was "pre-schoolish" he said. When did my boy get so big???

Van didn't have to read books, in second grade, they test your reading comprehension. There is a reading program that they use on the computer. They read passages and answer questions. Then the children receive points.

Van with one of the books he got at the book fair after the banquet.

I had to bring all the kids in for Van's slide show. They were all very good!


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Aww!!! So sweet!!! I love the whole reading banquet idea! Petey has read an amazing amount of books! Wow!!! Sounds like me when I was in school! Congrats to your sweet boys! :)

Bob West said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Great pics! Hopefully, mine will be an encouragement to you.
God Bless, Bob West