Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Van's Birthday part 2

 Vanny Roo :)

After we came home from MC Donald's, we got ready for Van's party.
Petey set the table.
Daddy blew up balloons.
Mommy and Grandpa hung banners.
Ollie tried on all the hats and blew the noise makers.
Van stayed up in his room the whole time because he wanted it to be a surprise!

Van got to cakes. The cookie cake he picked out and the other one Mom did. We also had two ice creams, orange sherbet and vanilla.
We order Fox's pizza.

It was a fun party!
everyone had a good time!


sleep said...
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Jane said...

That is so sweet that he stayed in his room so he would be surprised!!! LOVE that!!

Lynn said...

it looks like you guys had a really good day! we enjoyed finding you and our stops along the way. can't wait to do more fun spring things...

McVal said...

Happy birthday to him!!